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    I was confused about what a curl type was and I’m trying to figure out what curl type I have. I definetly have some 3 in there. Around the crown of my head.

    Type 3-  Curly (Corkscrews)

    These curls are tight cork screws. The circumference is the size of a pencil or a drinking straw.This hair type is mostly refered to as Kinky-Curly. The curls are usually fine in texture, not coarse. The curls can be densely packed together or very loose. This hair type can be blow dried straight,but it may be more challenging. 3c hair is the driest of the Type 3 curls and requires more moisture. Because of the springiness and tightness of the curl, 3c curls shrink more than 3b and 3a curls. (Note* It’s common to have more than one curl pattern. )

    [Top: Right 3A, Middle 3B, Left 3C]

    Tips for 3:

    • Use thicker styling creams and butters

    • Use moisturizing conditioner

    • Be gentle. 3 hair is fragile.

    • Only comb and detangle hair with conditioner in it

    • Never use a brush or comb on dry hair ( unless it is to create a desired style.)

    • Rake product through the hair to distribute the product

    Hair Type 3A, 3B, 3C Product Recommendations:


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